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We understand ongoing support and having a team is essential to our success. Our expert advisors are ready to assist Eagle Summit Equity in their multifamily real estate endeavors. We have encompassed a group of all-star advisors. 

With over 300 plus million dollars combined in multifamily and commercial real estate investments, together with our team of advisors it is proven multifamily real estate investments works time after time. Results may vary.

The advisors

Living a Life of Financial Freedom. Proven Wealth Strategies.

Greg Butcher, Multifamily Real Estate Investor​

Greg is an experienced real estate investor, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating with his Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma, he served a distinguished career as a combat engineer officer in the U.S.Marine Corps, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2015 and earning an MBA along the way. Greg’s military career focused heavily on project management, construction planning, leadership, and decision making in crisis environments, and included multiple deployments, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Greg began investing in single family homes in 2006, but didn’t find them scalable. His “aha!” moment was learning about the power of syndications and the scalability of multifamily real estate.

Steven Louie, Multifamily Real Estate Investor

Steven is a Managing Partner at Vertical Street Ventures, where he is responsible for acquisitions, sourcing capital, and building key strategic partnerships. As the founder of Vertical Street Ventures, he focuses his time on revenue-generating activities for the firm through Multifamily real estate acquisitions.

Jennie Gou, Multifamily Real Estate Investor

Jenny is a Managing Partner at Vertical Street Ventures, which was established to help individuals achieve their financial goals through passive investing in real estate. As one of the Founders, she currently oversees Asset Management and Investor Relations. She focuses on Business Strategy and execution of the business plan as well as managing relationships and communications with investors.

Kyle Mitchell, Multifamily Real Estate Investor

Kyle Mitchell is a Managing Partner at Vertical Street Ventures whose passion is in helping others reach their goals in all areas of life by doing things the right way and creating long lasting relationships based on trust and clarity. Kyle has been investing in income producing real estate since 2010 and currently manages and operates $107M AUM in multifamily assets in the Arizona markets.

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